Les Femmes was created in 1951 to promote the social growth and educational development of Portland’s youth. As a reward for respecting the Club rules and participating in the various community activities, the young people active with Les Femmes are recognized with a ball and gala and are rewarded with scholarships.

Meetings are held the second Sunday of each month from September through June with the exception of holidays when we meet the following Sunday. Meetings are mandatory for all youth. Advisors must be advised when the youth are unable to make a meeting. Once a youth misses three meetings, their name is removed from the roster and they are no longer considered a member of Les Femmes.

Dues – Each Youth is expected to annual dues which helps defray the cost of social activities. Seniors are required to raise a presentation fee to be presented in the Ball as determined by Les Femmes. This amount is announced to the Seniors and parents allowing ample time to raise the funds.

Youth who desire to participate in our young adults program must have on file by December 31 a completed and signed application.

Our annual Community Service Projects include:
Thanksgiving – Serving at Irvington Village
Christmas – Oregon Food Bank
Kaiser African American Club Annual Kwanzaa Celebration
Hostesses at Skanner Martin Luther King, Jr., Breakfast
Emanuel Hospital Safe Kids Day at the Zoo
Emanuel Hospital Healthy Kids Fair

A sample of our past monthly workshops:
Les Femmes Annual Open House
What youth should know about the law
Public Speaking
Senior Rites of Passage
“Taking Care of Me”
Health & Hygiene Workshop
Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Event
Staying Physically Healthy